What did your website colors say?

What did your website colors say

Website design is one of the important criteria for the overall success of the site and whether the user will come back to it again and again. User psychology is the real science of what people want and need when they visit a website or mobile app. Likewise, colors, images, or the way a website works can influence a user’s feelings and emotional connections.

The color scheme of your website or mobile app can tell a lot about your products, your company, and how visitors shop on your site. When it comes to something as important as a sale, you really want to take care of the focal colors you choose when designing a website or mobile app. Colors can evoke certain emotions. This is why designers use specific colors for specific projects. So, whether you are launching a new website or mobile app, or looking to rebrand, then you are reading the information you need.

Let’s take a look at some primary colors and what they mean to many internet users.

The color green in web and mobile app design.

Green symbolizes nature and is one of the symbols of wealth. Green is the easiest color to perceive.

Example of green use in website:

Green 1
Green 2

The color red in web and mobile app design.

Red is a bright color and immediately catches the eye. It can evoke feelings of danger or romance. Red stands for urgency and is often used to represent sales and discounts.

Example of red use in website:

Red 1
Red 2

The color yellow in web and mobile app design.

Yellow is a fairly upbeat and fresh color. The vibrant tones of this color can make your website or mobile app look fresh and catch the eye of your audience. Yellow is sometimes not well received by internet users and is sometimes seen as a deceiving color.

Example of yellow use in website:

Yellow 1
Yellow 2

The color purple in web and mobile app design.

Often associated with wealth, purple is used in websites and mobile apps to make it look more attractive. Purple is also used in the retail and beauty world to create a sense of peace.

Example of purple use in website:

Purple 1
Purple 2

The orange color in web and mobile app design.

Orange is the color of boundless energy, a symbol of vitality. Orange is often used to create a call to action.

Example of orange use in website:

Orange 1
Orange 2

The blue color in web and mobile app design.

The color blue lends a sense of trust and brand loyalty. For example, many banks use blue in their web design. In e-commerce, blue lends credibility to customers.

Example of blue use in website:

Blue 1
Blue 2

The black color in web and mobile app design.

Black is often used for luxury goods. But on the other hand, black can seem devoid of emotion and cause negative feelings. You need to use this color very carefully.

Example of black use in website:

Black 1
Black 2

The white color in web and mobile app design.

White reflects purity and clarity. This color is fresh, open, and attractive. White is an excellent choice for website and mobile applications.

Example of white use in website:

White 1
White 2

The gray color in web and mobile app design.

Gray is presented as conservative and formal. Elegant websites and mobile applications very often use this color as a background, thereby expressing their authority and showing high-quality services or products.

Example of gray use in website:

Gray 1
Gray 2

The brown color in web and mobile app design.

Brown is associated with reliability and stability. Some people consider brown to be a dull color; others will benefit from brown.

Example of brown use in website:

Brown 1
Brown 2

The pink color in web and mobile app design.

Pink is a young and cheerful color. Pink can speak of a variety of emotions. It is often used in websites and mobile apps for women.

Example of pink use in website:

Pink 1
Pink 2

Any color should be used following your products or services and the target audience that you want to attract. For example, you can appeal to impulsive customers with red or orange, blue or black. All of these colors speak of urgency and sales.

If you want to attract shoppers on a budget, green is your choice. Green will show that your website or mobile app is of excellent value and quality. Dark blue and blue are also used to attract these customers.

Finally, most clients are attracted to lighter and softer color palettes. For example, clothing websites tend to use light blues and pinks to give shoppers a sense of peace.

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