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From business process automation to digital product development, our company build advanced web solutions for taking your business forward

Web App Development


APP LAB USA provides full life cycle web application development services, from initial strategy through successful launch. Our developers have experience creating custom business applications. We help companies in maintaining their existing web applications and modernizing legacy software applications.

We develop solutions that automate and better your business processes. Our digital products lead to high operational efficiencies. Digital transformation will perfect customer and employee retention. The modern digital will help you build a sustainable and scalable business.

APP LAB USA software engineering team starts projects with system design and application architecture. We define a technology stack and choose a framework. The team develops design patterns, database models, and a development methodology. APP LAB USA team creates scalable, secured, and service-oriented application architecture. We work to build an infrastructure that supports of all needs of your business.

Web App Development

Process We Follow

Requirement Gathering

Requirement Gathering is the first and highly important part of our web app development process.

UI/UX Design

We create eye catchy design with the help of the best digital tools of designing.


After designing, the prototype of your app gets ready which is sent for development team then.

App Development

The Development gets started on the chosen platforms with complete transparency.

Quality Assurance

We do not compromise in quality, so we make sure you get 100% bug free worked app.

Support & Maintenance

We give support & answer every query after deployment of your web app.

Web app development for many industries

As one of the leading app development companies, APP LAB USA has contributed its excellence in different sectors of the industry. Our App Development Company guarantees real success.


Social Network


Wellness & Fitness







Oil & Gas


Want to leverage our web app development company to create your app idea into a reality?

Web App Development services we offer

At APP LAB USA, we specialize in customizing, developing, designing, testing, and launching web applications. Our specialist team offers great insights due to their years of experience and problem-solving attitude.

Progressive web apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are websites with more benefits for mobile devices. PWAs run on different OS, offering native-app-like functionality — last loading, push notifications, full-screen user experience, and more. We create PWAs that are mobile-focused, existing offline, and with ease to install on a user’s home screen.

Fast-loading SPA

Single-page applications (SPA) update only essential content and cache local data to improve the website’s speed. They some time to load the first time, but after that, they load instantly and fast react to all user actions. SPAs we make are responsive, fast, and work throughout multiple browsers. And no page reloads or to a great while waiting time.

Responsive websites

Responsive applications adapt their design to different screen sizes of tablets, smartphones, and other devices. Practically, if the window is changing in just one pixel, the page will quickly rearrange its elements. By going responsive, you ensure excellent experience for mobile users and save time and money on designing the iOS or Android version of the app.
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