Great Signs You Need A New Website

Need a New Website

Do you think your business needs a new, modern website? Sometimes it is hard to tell if that project is modern, worth the investment, or even necessary. Check out our list of notice signs that it is time for a new, modern website.

Your Website is Mobile Friendly?

Interesting facts:

  • Over 55% of all internet traffic is now mobile devices.
  • Google is most mobile-first when indexing web pages. This means that building a website for desktop computers and leaving the mobile user experience isn’t a good practice any longer.

And you need to have a website that works just as well on mobile as it does on desktop computers. If your current website isn’t responsive, that is a sign that you really need a new development website.

Your Brand is Obsolete

One of the key items we center on when designing a website is ensuring that the branding, feel, and look of the site are consistent with the brand guidelines of the business. The colors should fit the palette of your brand, the content should result your brand’s voice and tone, and the website must be a clear reflection of what your business brand feels like. Because your website needs to reflect your branding so that customers do not get matted when they visit your website.

It Does Not Center on Current Business Goals

If your website is not aligned with your business goals, it is trust time to development  a new website. Your products or service offerings can, and probably will, change over time. When there is a disconnect among what your website is offering and what you are trying to accomplish, it is time for a full website renewal.

Your Site is Hard to Update

Not all updates are comfortably on any website, but being able to update images, keep your product offerings current, and change contact or staff information quickly and easily is fairly important now. Our company development sites can be easily updated by the business owner or a staff member if they so desire.

Website Isn’t Focused On Your Customer

Your website needs to address your customer’s issue. But to get the most out of your website and encourage customers to purchase online or get in contact with you, your website true needs to center on the customer. Need to think like customer’s – your site should reflect those thoughts.

The solution ultimately is yours, but we are happy to discuss your existing website and talk through the pros and cons of your existing website, possibly making a few minor updates, or making to do a full overhaul in the more interest of your business. Call us at 347-897-9831 or visit, and you will have a successful solution for your business or website.

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