Google Ads or SEO: Which is better to choose?


Many people often think about which is better to use: SEO or Google Ads. Both of these strategies are great for businesses, but not everyone knows which to choose, one over the other, or both.

So let’s see which of these strategies is right for building your business?

Google is the most used search engine in all countries in the world, which is why SEO specialists devote most of their time and effort.  Page rank in the Google search engine depends on many factors, and there are quite a few of them.

Here are some factors that will make you like Google:

  • How old is the domain
  • How the keyword is related to your page
  • How many web resources link to you
  • How many keywords are used on your page

SEO strategies are used for a variety of purposes, whether local, national, or international. An SEO strategy should be chosen depending on the type of business. Let’s take a look at a few examples of SEO strategies.

Local SEO

Enter the keyword “repairs in Brooklyn” or “repairs near me” and Google will present you with a so-called “map pack” along with other search results. Your search will match local repair companies in your selected area or city. All of these companies have created Google My Business profiles for the location of their renovation companies so that Google can tell search users their location, business description, phone number, and more. Depending on your location and search term, Google searches for a business in the area for you. And this is just one example of local SEO.

National or international SEO

National SEO requires knowledge of the specific country for which the SEO specialist will be promoting the site. Here, you need to seriously think about how to optimize your site so that Google knows about your site throughout the country. There are several things to consider when choosing international SEO: the audience, spoken language, whether copyright or page layout needs to be changed, and many others.

Google Ads

For Google Ads, the first step is preparing a budget. Google Ads is distributed across multiple networks and all devices, such as mobile devices, tablet, computers, or TV. When using Google products, you may see ads from Google. Google now allows betting across a variety of computers, tablets, and mobile devices, giving you the choice of spending your money. To get the most out of your budget, you need to carefully analyze your campaign and determine which keywords will target it. With a poorly tuned campaign, you will be spending a lot of money and will not get an increase in customers or an increase in traffic to your site. Google provides text ads that include three 30-character headlines and two 90-character descriptions to provide additional information in your Ads. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and time, but really want to attract a lot of customers, then it is best to hire an experienced professional to set up and run Google Ads.

So, SEO or Google Ads

SEO and Google Ads are great for increasing your web traffic and sales. Before deciding, you need to consider your budget, goals, and whether you want to top the SERPs or pay to advertise for specific keywords. Years of experience have shown that it is best to use both of these options: Google Ads and SEO. But the choice is always yours.

If you need help with Google Ads and SEO optimization, our specialist knows how to increase traffic and customer flow on your website. Call us or visit our website, and you will have a successful solution for your website.

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