Ecommerce Website Redesign 2021

Ecommerce Website Redesign 2021

Often eCommerce websites need to redesign because to stay top players in their industries. They don’t take attention, and they take too long for visitors to understand how to navigate. Here is the worry checklist that shows that your website needs some changes:

  1. Most of us make buy on the go via mobile devices. This is the basic convince why Google came up with their mobile-first index concept. It says websites that are mobile user-friendly get better SERP rankings than those that are not. That means mobile-friendly websites show higher in search results. What’s more, responsive websites make online sharing simple, so your web visitors are more very likely to share on their social platforms.
  2. Google Analytics will report you about onsite visitor behavior and conversions. A bounce rate for eCommerce ranging from 26 to 40 per cent is very good, 41 to 55 is average, and anything between 56 to 70 is not good. And if you bounce rate is above 70 per cent, the website is considered no effect. If you see low traffic and high bounce rates, it’s time to take action, namely, redesign the website focusing on such characteristics as exit and bounce rates, conversions, and average visit duration.
  3. Redesign for eCommerce is what should first come to your mind if your sales numbers are continuously going down, especially during your peak season, and you are not able to attract new customers. A low user interface often become deciding factors in users opting for a competing service, which could be a reason for the bad sales figures.
  4. A lot of store owners use intuition to make decisions, which is a mistake. Redesigning the platform will help you to conform specific user requirements.
  5. Too longer, feels like eternity for customers to load pages, poorly integrated plugins, and terrible responsiveness is these are the hallmarks of out-of-date technology. And bad usability goes hand-in-hand with obsolete technology. If you recognize some of these problems on your website, need to fix them.
  6. If your eCommerce website design is one of many clones on the trade, don’t expect thigh visitor rates. Redesigning from scratch and adding a sum of custom features on top will make your website a big player in a major eCommerce league.

eCommerce stores have already attracted behind two billion buyers around the world. The e-market is a very competitive place in our country. If you want to invite new clients and keep the old ones, think of planning an eCommerce site redesign. If you need help with developing a eCommerce site redesign, call us at 347-897-9831 or visit our website

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