7 Stages Of Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

What are the stages of the app development, and how does a mobile app development process appearance like?  If you are thinking about developing an app, these are the questions you’re likely asking yourself right now. This article is a guidance for present and future app owners who want to know – step-by-step – how their product will be created.

A mobile app development process consists of the next stages:

  1. Choosing a company to design and develop your mobile app. Analysis, research, and selecting a company to collaborate on your product with. Then signing an Independent Contractor Agreement.
  2. Clarifying your app’s vision, defining your product’s goals and objectives for final users.
  3. UX / UI app design – creating a user journey map, clickable wireframes, visual user interfaces, and motion design (animations and screen transitions).
  4. Project starting and setup – last preparations before the start of your app development. Defining all role in the team, agreement on rules, and next steps, as right as configuring tools.
  5. App development with quality warranty: project, code, build, test and repeat test again. Ensuring quality certainty at every stage of app development with manual and automated tests.
  6. Preparation and publishing of the app on Google Play Store and Apple Store includes uploading assets required by laws and promotional materials, beta testing, optimizing the product page and store presence, and everything your app approval.
  7. Post-development phase is detecting crashes, monitoring mobile app’s statistics, product enhancement, and further development. Your mobile app stays attractive, conform to changing market conditions and all users’ feedback.

We hope this article helped you to understand the mobile app development process. Take the steps outlined in this guide, and you’ll make assured that you’re developing a product has a perfect market fit. If you need help with developing a mobile app, call us at 347-897-9831 or visit our website https://applabusa.com/ and will have a successful solution for you.

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