The 6 Things You Need To Know Before And During A Website Redesign


Here are 6 things you need to know when coming, and then going through, a website redesign:

  1. What your website’s better valuable pages are. Think of the website redesign method as a house remodel. Before launching into a redesign, you should have an obvious map of your website ecosystem, scope out your wireframes, and know which pages need to be handled with care versus which ones can be torn down and renovated from scratch.
  2. Need to know who is visiting your website, and why. In our experience, identifying your many useful pages is one of the many overlooked parts of a website redesign. And you need finding out what the essential pages are is only half of the story: you also need to know who is visiting them, and why.
  3. What motivate or stops your customers. Knowing what your very valuable pages are and who’s reaching them (and why) is a good starting point for a website redesign—but it’s not enough for a successful one. At this point, there are still two basic gaps in your knowledge: what’s convincing or helping customers to complete the actions they came to take, and what’s stopping them along the way.
  4. How your team and business will be impacted by the redesign website. Rather than doing the plain company-wide grand unveiling of the redesigned website once it’s all done, consider getting people involved earlier on in the process. Your website has an impact on all aspects of your business, and each who works with it (and with customers) should be aware of what’s going to change.
  5. How to test success with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Profit-related metrics tie back to the point of your redesign website: that is, to create a site that your target customers love—and therefore, purchase from.
  6. What to change in website and how to test it. You’ve done your explore, you’ve lined up your KPIs, and you’re ready to start the website redesign. Now need focusing on the small things that can make a big difference first, making changes, and testing the results. A/B testing is often a property solution, especially if you have enough traffic to get statistically significant results. You just take one of your new elements and test the impact on your site’s goal in comparison to the current site.

Customer want are always changing, and so are browser technologies, accessibility standards, and design practices.  You’ll need to keep everyday track of what your customers want and need. If you need help with create or website redesign, our webmasters knows how to do this.  Call us or visit our website and you will have a successful solution for your website.

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