3 reasons why you need a responsive website design


A website is considered “responsive” when its design adapts to the size of the visitor’s screen, automatically changing the layout and design to fit the device. All elements of the site, such as images, text, and icons, are automatically adjusted to the correct size so that each element is attractive to the website visitor.

So let’s see why a website has to have a responsive design.

  1. Many people use mobile devices to shop online. And if your website is not responsive design, you risk losing a significant portion of your customers.
  2. Google scans the mobile version of the content on the website and prioritizes it. If the website is made only for the computer, then it is possible to lose the ranking in Google search.
  3. Nowadays, companies very often release new gadgets with different screen resolutions. Therefore, making your web design flexible now means that your website can adapt to new technologies and be profitable.

If you want your website visitors to fill out a form, buy something, or subscribe to a service on your site, then the placement of each element is critical to conversion. Also, remember that Google actively monitors the user experience on the website. For example, if an image is cropped and looks bad, your design will negatively affect the opinion of visitors about your product or service, and the visitor will immediately leave your site.

If you can’t do the responsive design yourself, K&K Accelerator’s internet marketing agency is a flexible web design company that can help you. Call us or visit our website https://applabusa.com/, and you will have a successful solution for your website.

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